The adventure of Miluna, the complex of illusions and experiences in Toledo

A consultant, an auditor and a salesperson. The thing starts like an 80s joke but the plot is very different. Three restless friends who decided in stages to hang up their boots from their old positions with guaranteed monthly pay, stable schedules and mastered tasks to undertake a dream of an uncertain future, but a dream nonetheless. 9 out of every 10 projects that start have a maximum lifespan of 5 years. Miluna is that dream of three entrepreneurs who decided to listen and follow their entrepreneurial instinct and weigh anchor from the port of “Comfort Zone city.” Today I meet with Alejandro, one of the three missionaries who embarked on the colonization of Skybubbles in the community of Madrid.

Q. When and where did the idea arise, how did you learn about the concept of Skybubbles?

A. We were traveling through France, we saw it and we literally fell in love with it. We immediately thought about bringing the concept here since none of the three of us had seen anything like it in Spain.

Q. Most business dreams that begin on a trip with friends end when you unpack your bags when you get home…

A. Yes, but we carry entrepreneurship within us. When you have self-confidence you know when things are serious and when they are not and we came back ready to start something.

Q And the next step?

A. We organized ourselves and simultaneously began a market study to see the offer in Spain of complexes of this type and to look for the ideal land to locate the project… And we saw an opportunity.

Q. What did you find in the market study?

A. There were only two complexes with similar characteristics, one in Catalonia and the other in Navarra and they were far from what we wanted to do.

“We were traveling through France, we saw it and we literally fell in love with it”

Lunas de Urano. MILUNA.

Q. Is that when the idea materializes?

A. The mix between seeing the opportunity and finding land in Toledo that met the expectations we were looking for makes it clear to us that Miluna was going to be a reality. After fruitful negotiations with the owner of the land and finding the ideal supplier, one of us left his stable job to dedicate himself 100% to the project.

Q. How do you find Skybubbles?

A. The truth is that we were between 3 suppliers, two from here and one from France. We did a thorough search of the market, obviously we had a lot at stake, and finally we opted for Skybubbles.

Q: If you had to say 3 reasons why you chose Skybubbles as a supplier for your project, what would you tell me?

A. For the service, customer service and product quality. The price was worth it.

Q. And how were you formed? That is, if none of them came from the world of Glamping or the Resort, what did you do?

A. We did training stages at other resorts and did many hours of consultations and interviews with resort and glamping managers and agents, there is no better way to learn than to see how others do it.

Q. There is another issue that tends to be complex, especially in Spain. Did the permits take a while to arrive?

A. More than expected. In fact we launched without having them. There came a time when everything was incompatible; working for third parties, training in the sector, negotiating with suppliers, waiting for permits… Logic dictates that one thing must be done after the other, but reality teaches you that it is not always possible!

Q. How brave! Explain at home that you are leaving a stable job for something that is not yet approved… Fabric!

A. When you are convinced, nothing stops you, and time has shown that we are right.

Q. And what was the reception? How do you start billing?

A. Well, there is no evil that does not come with good. A few months before the opening we already started doing marketing actions and advertising and promoting the opening. We started with 4 Skbubbles and full to the brim.

Q. You started with 4 and have been growing and reinvesting in the business. When and how is something like this decided?

A. Basically when you see that the market accepts it and your metrics show you that there is enough demand to expand. In 2020 we did 4 more and now in 2023 4 more. In total we already have 12 Skybubbles.

Q. Wow! What do you think motivates your clients to come to MIluna?

A. They are moved to come and live a different experience. Surprise your partner and spend a different night in contact with nature. Disconnect from the day-to-day routine. Reconnect with yourself and your partner. If you get bored in Miluna it’s because you want to! The privileged environment where our facilities are located allows you to have a quiet weekend of swimming pool, massage and flotarium, a novelty that imitates the sensation of swimming in the Dead Sea), to hiking excursions for all levels, bicycle routes and talks astronomical to better understand the stars we can see at night. What Miluna aims to do is give excitement and experience to its guests.

“When you are convinced, nothing stops you, and time has shown that we were right.”

Lunas de Urano. MILUNA.

Q. And how do you see the future of resorts and glamping? What does the medium and short term hold for you?
A. It is undoubtedly a booming sector and the feedback from our clients in general encourages us to continue forward, even growing in other locations if necessary.

Q. Well, good luck and a real pleasure to interview you, Alejandro.
A. Thanks Pere, a hug!