The Business of Bubbles

Why invest in the business of bubble rooms?

A bubble installation can be a hotel in and of itself or complement an existing hospitality business.
In either case, the bubble rooms are an installation that seeks to offer a one-of-a-kind experience, one that goes beyond a classic hotel room. This special experience means that the prices are not the same as they would be in a normal hotel room.
Furthermore, the investment of money and time is much lower than what is needed for a conventional hotel or rural tourism facility, makes for a quick return on investment and a business that achieves profitability on a short timeframe.

What is the bubble business like?

It’s an establishment where everything depends on service. The bubble experience begins as soon as a client starts thinking about their stay and lasts long after they leave.
In addition, it is an experience that lends itself to being complemented with a variety of “extras”, which add value to the experience and result in additional benefits when reserving.
When a client reserves a night in a bubble, they begin dreaming about a very special experience where the complementary details matter not because of their added cost, but because of what they bring to the experience.

How much time do i need to recoup my investment?

This is the question our clients always ask us. Although there is no standard answer, since every installation is different, we can help you to understand the possible answers when you call our business department. We have the benefit of the experience of getting many establishments going and we can help guide you in terms of the costs and benefits of bubble hotels. You can see for yourself that the time needed to recoup the investment tend to be under one year.

What are the differences between a conventional hotel room and a bubble hotel?

The experience is very different, the amenities are not. The services, space and comfort offered by a bubble room can be equivalent to any hotel room. The sensations are what makes it completely different.
These kinds of bubbles are designed to have the same characteristics as a hotel room: from the floor to the bed, the bathroom to the climate control.

What permits do i need to install a bubble?

In many of the countries where we have installed them, no specific permit is necessary, especially in cases where the bubble complements other hospitality services.
The bubble is not a building. It is not a fixed installation in the legal sense, and it looks more like a camping set-up than a building.
Even so, there are countries where owners are required to show some sort of documentation or a technical appraisal. In these cases, our experts will provide the necessary information asked of us by the local technician you hire to show documentation to the requesting authorities.

How should i handle booking and advertising for a bubble?

A bubble needs the same reservation system as a hotel room. It is very important to have a good website where people can easily reserve both the bubble room as well as any other complementary offerings.
The publicity should be geared towards the unique experience guests will have that night.

How many bubbles do i need for my business to be profitable?

That will depend on whether the bubbles being installed are part of a bubble-hotel or if they are a complement to another hospitality business. In the first case, the installation will require personnel to work in reception, cleaning, maintenance and/or restoration. These personnel are a fixed cost for the business, meaning that the more bubbles you install, the more these costs will be spread out. If this is the case, we recommend at least 4 bubbles.
In the second case, it could begin with a single bubble, since the personnel mentioned earlier will likely already be there.
In both cases, the investment can be made progressively, beginning with minimal facilities and complementing them as your investment is recouped.

What price can i ask for per night?

It will depend on the quality of the furnishings and the services being offered, as well as the hotel’s star rating. Another important variable is the country or region where the installation is located.
As a reference, we can tell you that our clients charge between €200-600 per night.

What complementary options can i offer along with the bubble?

Our clients’ imagination never ceases to amaze us: the list can be a long one. There could even be things not offered anywhere else! We could mention services such as gourmet cooking, spa, massages, excursions or astronomy sessions.

What is the target market for bubbles?

Mostly couples. Age is not a factor: our clients receive visitors of all ages, though it is true that the younger audience is generally much more attracted to having this kind of experience. In our experience, it makes an ideal surprise gift or anniversary celebration, or just a way to have a different experience.

What style can my bubble come in?

There are many: bubbles are as diverse as the lifestyles and customs of the people who stay there. What is important is that the bubble and its complementary offerings have a consistent direction, are coherent with the surroundings and the region’s hospitality customs.

How much would the total cost of installing a bubble be with all of the necessary add-ons?

It depends on factors like the costs of labor and material in the country or region where it is being installed, the number of bubbles being installed, the furnishings and if the bubbles are being installed as a stand-alone facility or a complement to an existing hotel.
Our business advisors will be able to give you an estimation of costs with respect to the particular details of your proposal.
The Business of Bubbles
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