We interview César Martinez
I meet César on Zoom, he is British punctuality, the kind that doesn’t make you wait a minute, in fact when I connect he is already waiting. The first thing I think about is that someone who dedicates a large part of his professional life to traveling the world, with set deadlines and certainly complex assembly orders, the tool he must master the most is surely time. In the tone of this Murcian in love with what he does, I immediately notice that he is one of those who likes to get to the point, he clearly differentiates what is important from what is urgent and that he likes talking about his own things, so I decide to take advantage of the moment.
César Martinez
“life teaches you that working with like-minded people is not only profitable but also interesting”
How does a forest firefighter end up in the world of Geodesic Domes and Skybubbles?
Well, it starts in 2015. Despite my previous job, I was always one of those who made things, it comes from my heritage, I am one of those who like to do, assembling and disassembling, it comes from family tradition. To that was then added that I had already seen the concept of geodesic figures and I had loved them.

Yes, but like it, we all like activities and projects, but from there to throwing the blanket over your head there is a leap…
Well, in my case it was simple, I saw a course on the internet from a guy from Uruguay that explained how to create and assemble Domes, I saw that I could do it and I placed an ad in “A thousand ads” offering the possibility of setting up Geodesics anywhere. .

My name is David.

Your partner.
Yes, he just had an opportunity to do an assembly in Morocco, it was a very big order and he was going to need someone to help him. He called me, explained the project to me and I immediately went to see him to close the project and go there.

Of course because you are in Murcia but David is not.
David is in Catalonia, but distance has never been a problem. In fact, during the Morocco project we already saw that we got along and we immediately became partners.

And how about the principles of Dalia Dome?
Well, at first it wasn’t easy since conceptually people didn’t understand what we were doing and they were associated with a spherical figure and it was closely linked to a more spiritual and even hippie environment. But over time the domes have become known and the type of client is more diverse.

I hear you and it doesn’t add up to me. Are you then competition with Skybubbles?
No! It is not the same, the geodesic dome is an open concept from which many more things of various sizes are made that do not have to coincide with rooms. In fact, they are complementary concepts that can coexist in the same space.

And where does the relationship with SkyBubbles come from?
David met Quim precisely on the Morocco project, since he was the one who designed and manufactured the covers of the domes that we installed. At that time Skybubbles was still a project, but with Quim we connected, life teaches you that working with people of the same mind is not only profitable but also interesting. Shortly after, Quim contacted us to see if we were interested in setting up a Skybubbles project in Ciudad Real, we agreed and off we went!

It was a disaster hahahaha. Not because of the customer’s perception, he was super happy that he went ahead!

We spent too much time, we obviously didn’t have the assembly on hand and it took much longer than we thought at the time and it also took us more than a headache, but in the end everything turned out well!

You learn from those!
And so much! From that same project we already came back with ideas to optimize assembly, shorten times and be much more efficient.

That is to say that apart from the complications, you liked the topic.
A lot, we saw solutions and, why not say it, we immediately saw that riding the Skybubbles allowed us to travel and discover new places. Through Skybubbles we have gone to places like Thailand or Australia, and the places where the rooms are installed are usually exclusive.

It’s good to go to Soria, but Australia has a special point hahaha
Yes, when you make this type of trip you already program yourself so that, once the Skybubbles are assembled, you can stay one day to go sightseeing.

I understand that over time the assembly has become more professional, you have been implementing processes that after 6 years have been implemented and perfected, yes?
There are actually 7 steps that I can tell you by heart. First we meet the client, second we inspect the terrain, then we take the SKB out of the cases in which they come and place them, fourth we assemble the doors and work with the turbine that will keep the structure inflated and stable, fifth we anchor and assemble air conditioning Sixth, we explain and give the keys to the maintenance of the Skybubbles to whoever is going to take them, and seventh and final checklist point with the client, from there not even the last screw escapes!

Wow! The 6 years of riding Skybubbles have been noticeable there.
Yes, we have it very close at hand and in our way of doing and thinking we are always implementing improvements to be more efficient, which is one of the factors that unites us with the people at Skybubbles.

How does the future of Skybubbles look like as a supplier?
Clearly on the rise! First and foremost because of all the ones we have assembled there is none that goes wrong, on the contrary, you see that they are all expanding! That’s the best proof that Skybubbles work. On the other hand, Skybubbles are a differentiating and attractive element that today is a novelty for those looking for a different experience. I am one of those who think that the journey is unquestionable.

Thank you very much César!

To you!