The feeling of being inside the bubble

What does it feel like to be inside a bubble?

It is a magical sensation. The experience of being surrounded by nature, which you can see through the transparent fabric, while still being as comfortable as you would be in a hotel room gives a sensation of freedom and safety at the same time.

Do clients enjoy it?

Yes, guests who have spent a night in a bubble have commented that they were delighted with the experience – though we do advise strongly that every last detail of cleanliness and comfort should be seen to throughout the installation.
We advise you to visit the websites of locations that operate using our bubbles, where you will see that they have a long series of confirmed reservations.

Does air circulate through the bubble?

Of course. The living space is not completely sealed off. SkyBubbles are designed in such a way that the entire volume of the air inside the bubble is replaced a minimum number of times per hour.

Does it always smell of plastic?

The materials we use are free of phthalates, a component of plastic materials that is currently banned in most countries. This component is highly volatile and is the main cause of the plastic smell.

Does the bubble seem fragile?

In addition to the technical reasons explained in point 37 of the FAQs, we make sure that every aspect of the SkyBubbles’ construction is planned so the end users feel secure. We do this using double-stitching on the joint or sealing the sides for additional safety.

Is external noise heard?

The structure is not hermetically sealed. It has been designed to preserve a certain amount of intimacy, but it also allows guests to hear their natural surroundings.

Does the fan make noise?

The fans we use have been specifically designed for this purpose. They have a low sound output (soundless) and we install them in a sound-insulating box. In addition, air is pumped towards the bubble at a distance that makes any sound coming from the fan completely inaudible.

But what about privacy?

Our design is the main factor that gives our bubbles a certain amount of intimacy. The orientation of the transparent portion relative to the entrance tunnel and the washroom allows a range of approximately 130°-140° in the back that is completely hidden from view. We advise our clients on the best solutions in terms of placement for the ideal frontal views, as well as barriers made of plants or other materials. We also offer an awning as an accessory for complete privacy.
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