Safety Questions

Is a bubble safe?

Our architects and engineers have designed and calibrated SkyBubbles, using their calculations to choose the most suitable materials and the most resistant construction solutions.

What windspeeds can a bubble tolerate?

Our bubbles have been assessed to withstand winds of up to 100 km/h. They are completely guaranteed up to this speed, as long as the installation instructions we provide are followed, or if our assembly team carries out the installation.

What happens if the electric current is interrupted?

The motor used by the bubbles is an electric motor that needs a 24-hour supply of current. Every bubble installation should be equipped with an emergency supply of electricity, either a generator or a UPS.
If all of the systems fail and the bubble deflates, there is a safety space in the entryway whose structure makes it impossible to deflate.

What happens if the fan stops working?

This is a highly improbable eventuality except in the event of a failure in the electricity supply. The fan that we use is made by European manufacturers with a proven track record. In addition, there have been no incidents with the fan in over 200 bubbles installed in various climatic regions.

What happens in the event of a fire?

The textiles we use are currently certified at the M2 level or above. That means that if a fire hazard is produced, the materials may melt due to heat, but they can never spread the flames. These fabrics extinguish flames on their own.
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