Manufacturing SkyBubbles

Where are they produced?

SkyBubbles are manufactured from start to finish at our factory north of Barcelona, Spain. That is where our entire technical department, including the expedition component.

What materials are used to manufacture our bubbles?

The materials we use some of the most well-regarded in all of Europe. These are materials that have been tested in the most difficult surroundings. We use a system of constant improvement so that the bubble our clients purchase today incorporates all of the innovations developed up to that time.

How much experience does skybubbles have producing bubbles?

We have been manufacturing similar products since 1997 and have been marketing these bubbles since 2010. Over the years, we have created over 200 bubbles, which have been evolving to the point of the Premium level that we offer today.

Are bubble materials recyclable?

All of the materials used to build a bubble can be recycled or reused. Our material with the largest ecological impact is PVC fabric. However, we have a recycling solution for this material.

What are the differences between skybubbles and other bubbles?

The main difference is that with us, you are speaking directly with the manufacturer. You can come to our factory and see how we make them. The quality of the materials and our manufacturing experience are the guarantee that our SkyBubbles represent the best quality available on the market.

How long does it take to produce a bubble?

Even though every bubble is completely tailor-made, in terms of the model, add-ons and colors, we have managed to keep the manufacturing process for each bubble to under 4 weeks.

How can i personalize my bubble?

Bubbles can be personalized by choosing one of the models and colors we offer and deciding whether to add one of the many accessories we offer.
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