Maintenance Questions

What kind of warranty does a bubble have?

SkyBubbles has the best warranty on the market for bubbles. We offer this warranty because we are the ones manufacturing our bubbles and we know about the quality of the materials and the way each of our bubbles is built from first-hand experience.
Every element of the standard model except for the transparent portion has a 3-year replacement warranty, as long as the damages are the result of a manufacturing defect or for reasons inherent to the material.

How long does a bubble last?

Our first bubbles were produced in 2010 and some of them are still fully functional. Over the years, we have provided appropriate post-sale service to the bubbles. This service has consisted in repairing accidental tears, cleaning, improvements as the product has evolved and a change in the transparent fabric when it has become necessary. The transparent fabric is the most delicate part of the bubble, which breaks down most easily. Although we use the best transparent fabric on the market, it has a limited durability of 3-5 years. After this time, it is degraded by atmospheric processes, which cause it to lose its transparency and flexibility. Over the years, we have been making improvements to the non-transparent fabric. Currently, we use a fabric that is guaranteed for 10 years against losses of resistance and even color.
The inflation fan is another fundamental element of these kinds of installations. To guarantee functionality, we use brands and models from the best manufacturers that can work constantly for a period of over 5 years. The proof of this is that we have not replaced a single fan in any of the installations we’ve carried out.

Are malfunctions common with the bubble?

No, they are not at all common with proper maintenance. As we explained in the previous section, the quality of the materials is excellent, and except in the case of accidents, the transparent fabric only needs to be replaced after a few years of intensive use.
In any event, if an accidental breakdown or tear should occur in any of the elements, we have a priority post-sale service to resolve any incident as quickly as possible.

What should be done in the event of an unforeseen tear in a bubble?

An emergency repair kit is added to the bubble on delivery for accidental tears to the fabric. For installations of several bubbles, we recommend having a reserve of the main elements on hand, including a fan and the transparent part. This way, when we need to use a replacement part, we won’t need to send a request to the factory and wait for it to be made.

What is the best way to clean a bubble?

Using distilled water and neutral soap. Some of our clients take advantage of the removable transparent portion to switch it out for a spare part that they previously cleaned on a table.

Should I deflate the bubble on days it is not in use?

We do not recommend it. The bubble is at its most resistant when it is inflated. Furthermore, there may be elements inside the bubble that could damage it by puncturing or cutting it. The power consumption of the turbine is so low that deflating it is not worth the risk of possible air leaks or accidental tears. It would be reasonable to deflate the bubble for periods of over one month during which it would not be used.

How do meteorological conditions affect the bubble?

SkyBubbles are prepared to handle temperatures ranging from -20°C to 50°C (-4 to 122°F). They are completely watertight against rain while inflated. When snowing, the only thing to keep in mind is that a minimum temperature of 15°C (59°F) must be maintained inside the bubble so that the snow melts as it is deposited on the surface.
Another important element to consider when installing a bubble is the wind. If the bubble is installed according to our recommendations, our bubbles can withstand windspeeds of up to 100 km/h.
The non-transparent fabric is completely unaffected by UV radiation. Although the transparent fabric has been treated against UV radiation, it does lose its transparency and flexibility within 3 years.

What is skybubbles’ post-sale service?

As the manufacturer of the bubbles, SkyBubbles provides efficient and flexible post-sale support. We know that accidents can happen to bubbles, but that shouldn’t stop them from remaining operational. Our post-sale service coordinates with the technical department and the production department to give the emergency instructions necessary in the event of small accidents and failures. In the event of more extensive damage requiring the bubble to be repaired in our factory, we treat these repairs with the highest priority.
However, the most important part of this service lies in the design of the bubble itself. SkyBubbles are designed right from the start in such a way that the elements most prone to being damaged can be switched out easily without having to disassemble the bubble.
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