Where can I install a bubble?

The main requirement is to have enough space and a clear view of the sky, though the ideal conditions for guests would be to have a nice natural setting with beautiful views.

What do I need to install a bubble?

The bubble must be installed over a wooden platform or a level, smooth and horizontal concrete floor. An electric connection must be available for the motor and interior lighting. If your bubble is equipped with a classic washroom, plan for the installation of hot and cold water as well as a drainage connection.

How long does it take to install a bubble?

First of all, the premises and support base must be prepared. This can take between couple of weeks to two or three months on the outside. It will depend on the accessibility of the site, the number of people tasked to it, and the number of bubbles that will be installed. In any event, it will always be faster and simpler than building a conventional room.
The installation of the bubble itself is very fast. The entire process takes no more than several hours.
Once the bubble is set up, the interior flooring will need to be installed. This can be done in a single day. The installation of the washroom will depend on whether the toilet is chemical or conventional. With the chemical toilet version, it is just a matter of placing and fastening the elements. For the traditional washroom version, the operation could take a few days, depending on the toilet model being used. With our “compact toilet” version, the process can be reduced to a single day, since the whole thing comes pre-assembled from the factory.
The final part of the process is the furnishing and decoration of the bubble, a process that can be completed in a day or two.

What bubble accessories does skybubbles offer?

Rigid entrance doors instead of a zip-up door. These doors offer a quality touch to the construction.
Zipper-attached removable parts: they make things easier when the part needs to be repaired, as well as facilitating deep cleaning operations.
Interior parquet flooring. We can provide this pre-cut for simple assembly.
Compact toilet. We have two toilet models that come pre-assembled from the factory. They make installation much easy and have been specifically designed to be installed inside a bubble.

What elements are included when i buy a bubble?

We include the cloth bubble in the standard model, along with the support structure, the inflating pump, the transportation packaging, the assembly and maintenance instructions and the warranty.
When you order one or more accessories, we include the accessory, its packaging and instructions for assembly.

What distance is necessary between two bubbles?

A minimum distance of 8-10 meters (26-33 ft) between each bubble is recommended to maintain the intimate nature of the rooms. When two installations are very close to one another, we recommend the creation of a visual barrier between them. If the transparent portion is very visible because of the bubble’s location, we recommend that the visual barrier be placed around the entire bubble.

Can a skybubbles team install my bubble?

Though some of our clients do install their bubbles themselves, we do offer an assembly service to ensure that the bubbles are correctly installed. We also have an “assembly director” service, in which an expert technician guides a team of people hired locally by the client to assemble the bubbles.
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