Energy use

How much energy does a bubble use?

To keep a bubble inflated, we use an electric fan that requires a 110V or 220V connection and consumes 0-180 kWh.

Do all bubbles have the same energy consumption?

We equip all of our bubbles with the same model of motor, though the bubble may require the motor to use more or less power depending on its size.

What is the maximum distance between a bubble and the electricity source?

The motor is usually installed at 5-10 meters (16-33 ft) from the bubble. However, the source of electricity may be hundreds of meters away.

Can a bubble be installed with an electric generator?

Of course. This is a perfectly valid option when a conventional electric network is unavailable.

What kinds of electric generators would be best in places where a connection to the electricity network is impossible?

The generator must provide for the electric motor, the climate control and the lighting with a minimum safety margin of 30%.

Can a bubble be installed with solar panels?

There is no restriction as long as batteries are available for nighttime storage.
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