Construction and alterations to the bubbles

Can I make an improvement to a bubble that has already been installed?

Yes. You would have to disassemble the bubble and send it to the factory, but you would avoid the cost of making a new bubble.

Why is there an entrance tunnel?

The entrance tunnel is absolutely necessary for guests to be able to enter the bubble without it deflating. The system that allows the bubble to work is inflation with positive pressure. That means that we push air inside the bubble. If we left all of the doors open, the bubble would deflate. The tunnel is like an airlock where the guest can be between the two doors, one of which must always be closed. Since the tunnel has its own structure, it also serves as a secure space in the event of an accidental deflation of the bubble.

Can you change the position or the length of the air tube or the motor?

The point at which air enters the structure and the motor are optimally positioned according to technical studies and our experience. However, since we are the manufacturers, we can change the position at the client’s request and under the supervision of our technical department.

What happens when it rains?

80% of the seams on our bubbles have been sealed to be completely waterproof. The remaining seams are either designed or positioned such that they do not allow water to pass through.

Are bubbles accessible for people who use wheelchairs?

Yes. We have a door model that allows entry using a wheelchair. It must be requested when making the purchase.

Can bubbles be ordered in shapes or measurements other than the standard model?

We have been manufacturing bubbles for more than 20 years and we can make many different shapes. These kinds of requests would be different from standard manufacturing. The production time would be longer, and the cost would not be the same as for the standard model.
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