Whether it’s by the seaside or in a rural environment, setting up a bubble hotel will allow you to offer much more than a normal hotel room. You will be able to offer your guests a magical experience in unique surroundings. It is an investment for your business that offers a very fast return.

The SkyBubbles in our catalog are the result of over 20 years as manufacturers and over 200 bubbles made for a diverse array of environments. Our technical team will provide you with assistance before, during and after your SkyBubbles purchase so that it fits in perfectly with your hospitality offering.


This is about more than a client-supplier relationship: it is two companies, the hospitality company and SkyBubbles, working together to find the best solution. Our technicians are committed to providing advice that fits the surroundings and potential of your establishment and applying the knowledge they have gained in their ample prior experience.


Our current catalog is the result of many hours of technical research, conceptual debates and constructive critiques. Sometimes the architectural design has had to come up with constructive solutions and sometimes the result is different from what was initially planned. This constant “evolutionary tension” is what helps us to always manufacture the best version of SkyBubbles possible.


We know that perfect craftsmanship requires a personal touch, which is why SkyBubbles incorporates elements that go beyond what machines can do. While our Barcelona factory has incorporated cutting-edge technology and machinery, our technicians and artisans remain the ones who rigorously choose the materials and design each and every seam and seal so that the final product is of the highest possible quality.


SkyBubbles stands out from other bubble sellers not only because of its quality, but also because 100% of the production is carried out at its Barcelona factory. The direct control allows us to ensure the most demanding quality control of our products. The SkyBubbles seal of quality is the only one that includes a post-sale consulting and assistance service over the product’s entire life cycle.