For those who want EVERYTHING

SkyBubble Premium

The complete Bubble for a complete experience. In addition to the sink module with bathtub or Jacuzzi, our superior model includes a third Bubble with a living room. With the SkyBubble Premium the limit is the sky.


5 + 4 meters



• Ultra-silent fan with a power regulator. 5-year warranty.

    • Support structure for the entrance module with an anodized aluminum double arch and 4 perimeter tensors.

      • Removable bedroom flooring with zipper.

        • Double air entrance point.

          • Prestressed PVC fabric with a density of 580 g/m2 with a 5-year warranty that includes degradation of the color. 25 colors to choose from.

            • Transparent PVC film with UV treatment (0.5 mm thick), high transparency fabrication and M2 fire resistance.

              • Sealed high-frequency 15 mm seams on 80% of the bubble. Double-threaded seams with two reinforcing passes over the remaining 20%.

                • Individual quality testing.

                  • Packaging with high-resistance fabric and transportation box.

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                    THE COMPLETE BUBBLE
                    FOR THOSE WHO WANT IT ALL

                    The SkyBubbles are already designed so that the parts most susceptible to damage can be easily exchanged without having to disassemble the bubble.

                    We use materials from the most recognized brands in Europe and have been tested in the most adverse environments.

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