02_Eclipse Suite

Bubble with 5 m diameter with a double-door entrance module. Allows the creation of a suite (with a living room at the foot of the bubble).


  • Ultra-silent fan with a power regulator. 5-year warranty.
  • Support structure for the entrance module with an anodized aluminum double arch and 4 perimeter tensors.
  • Removable bedroom flooring with zipper.
  • Double air entrance point.
  • – Prestressed PVC fabric with a density of 580 g/m2 with a 5-year warranty that includes degradation of the color. 25 colors to choose from.
  • Transparent PVC film with UV treatment (0.5 mm thick), high transparency fabrication and M2 fire resistance.
  • Sealed high-frequency 15 mm seams on 80% of the bubble. Double-threaded seams with two reinforcing passes over the remaining 20%.
  • Individual quality testing.
  • Packaging with high-resistance fabric and transportation box.

02.01_upgrade to ECLIPSE PREMIUM
02.03_upgrade RIGID DOORS
02.04_upgrade ACCESSORIES